South Africa Travel Articles

Travel articles on adventures to put on your bucket list when visiting South Africa.
  • Thatched whitewashed cottages at Mont Eco Nature Reserve

    4x4 Boys & Toys

    Carrie Hampton entered the world of big boys and their toys on her first 4x4 outing on the Mont Eco nature trail in the Montagu Mountains. She learned how to sympathise about dented diffs and

  • experience the vast open serenity of the karoo

    Karoo Cruisin'

    The last time I attempted the trip into the thirsty interior of South Africa's Karoo, my ageing pickup refused to co-operate. This time, I came prepared. We were power-steering seven metres of

  • Maputaland Magic

    Imagine discovering a wonderful wilderness world where lush wetlands verge on bountiful coastal forests. Visualise a region overflowing with game reserves and nature conservancies teeming with a

  • namaqualand flowers in bloom

    Namaqualand's Flowers

    North of Cape Town, hot, volcanic plains stride down to a cold Atlantic ocean. Namaqualand is the outback, a wilderness strewn with mines and mission stations, diamonds and dust. However, for a few

  • Dusk on the Orange River

    Orange River Experience

    A canoe trip down the Orange River is a five star journey through a barren landscape too beautiful to describe. Jeremy Jowell went along to test the waters. It's a lazy warm day in the Richtersvel

  • Sandboarding - West Coast

    Mention boarding in South Africa and I'll bet the last image that comes to mind will be of a snowboarder laying fresh tracks along a virgin slope. Local adrenaline junkies are however swopping sand

  • colony of beautiful Cape Gannets

    West Coast South Africa

    African safari , Carrie Hampton took a trip up the West Coast of South Africa and found not only some stunning coastal and inland scenery, but amazing bird watching, peculiar things to eat, herbal teas, hand-made