Africa Safari and Overland Travel : Africa Adventure Holidays, Budget Travel Guide

African Holiday Budget Vacation Guide

This is a compact African holiday budget travel guide for African overland tours, safaris, wildlife and adventure travel on a limited budget. These African holiday budget tours, are ideally suited for backpackers, students on a gap year and independent travellers aged 18 - 35 years, who seeks value for money on their African holiday travel tours. Each itinerary provides frequent opportunities to see the finest of what travel in Africa has to offer.

Budget Overland Travel

Most budget Africa overland tours include activities and accommodation that will permit you to get in touch with nature and wildlife in some of the most intriguing parts of Africa. Backpacking and overlanding travel in Africa is very safe and hassle free way of seeing the African continent.

Budget African Adventure Tours

African backpacker adventure tours are best suited to the budget conscious, independent traveller and the tour groups are kept small. So, if you are young, on edge and audacious, an adventure tour is just the thing for you. The nature of most Africa adventure tours makes it possible for young people and those young at heart, to indulge in the immensity of Africa.

Budget African Safari Tours

A safari affords you opportunity to sight the pride of Africa, the magnificent Big Five, along with vast herds of antelope, exotic bird life and beautiful panoramas. Whether you wish to take a mobile-tented camping safari, an overland safari, a budget safari, or a luxury fly-in safari, we will assist with your choice of safari that best suit your style, budget and time constraints.

Budget African Wildlife Safaris

Wildlife safaris are shorter than the more exotic Safari. Their big advantage is that they take place in the Kruger National Park. These wildlife safaris in the central and southern regions of Kruger Park and focus on the wildlife and surroundings. Tours normally depart from Johannesburg and include all entry fees.

Uganda & Rwanda Gorilla Safaris

For enthralling Gorilla Safaris and Chimpanzee tracking in Uganda & Rwanda. Meet the endangered Mountain Gorilla in its natural habitat in the spectacular lush jungles of Africa.